Able Companies including Tianjin Able Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. & Tianjin Able Shipping Agency Co., Ltd. (both are located in Bejing), Able Tianjin Branch, Able Shanghai Branch and Able Ghana Branch all as the execlusive representative of Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Jospong Group of Companies have played an important role of close connecting, trustful cooperating with mutual support and reasonably organizing more than 300 well-known and qualitfied Chineses partners, big, medium or small scaled, state-run or private entrepreneurs, companies, manufacturers and suppliers in the last 10 years to constantly support Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Jospong Group of Companies in successful procurement and exportation of various quality products, equipments and machinery, facilities and materials, technologies and management, engineering programs, exchange of personnel, technical services and training, spare parts supply, fulfillment of numerous overseas projects, logistics, freight and shipment of all exported commodities to their destinations. It is estimated that more than USD485,000,000.00 of goods have been exported and over USD368,000,000.00 value-worthy for overseas projects have been already completed in Ghana and Africa countries in the past decade. We consistently support Zoomlion Ghana Limited and Jospong Group of Companies, Ghana and African countries to obtain a fast economic development, business and friendship with sustainable efforts and more contributions.

We deeply feel very proud of being Able’s people and warmly celebrate the Company for 10 years healthly growing and fast developing, wishing much better tomorrow.

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